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Novela Gratis was founded on the assumption that good journalism can only survive and develop if it is both editorially and financially independent. This necessitates relying mostly on contributions from readers and concerned individuals with no other motive than to provide a platform for great journalism.

Novela Gratis will be committed to the public interest and democratic values as a publication. In addition to offering authoritative analysis and commentary, we intend, as our resources expand, to become a platform driven by traditional reporting on matters of national and worldwide relevance and interest. Being on the web also entails utilizing new media tools to alter the manner in which narratives are told. When appropriate, including data and interactive charts, video and audio as integrated components of the narrative structure.

We begin on a humble note today, bound not by our goal but by our resources. In the interim, we request that you read us, share and tweet our content, and provide us with comments.

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